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Colorado Education Association 2021 Scorecard

SB 18-147: Educator Loan Forgiveness Program

The bill makes changes to the teacher loan forgiveness program, renaming it the educator loan forgiveness program (program), and revising the eligibility criteria for the program. The program: Repays up to $5,000 of qualified educational loans for up to 5 years for teachers and other educators employed in qualified positions under the program; and Targets teachers and other educators employed in hard-to-fill positions due to geography or content area. The department of education is required to annually identify the shortage areas that qualify for the program. Subject to available appropriations, the Colorado commission on higher education (commission) shall approve up to 100 new participants in the program each year, and the bill specifies the criteria the commission shall use to prioritize applicants, if necessary. The program includes the educator loan forgiveness fund, and the commission shall adopt policies that ensure that loan repayment is made only on qualified loans for educators in qualified positions. The commission shall prepare an annual report for the general assembly that includes information concerning the shortage areas identified by the department of education and information concerning the program participants. The bill extends the repeal date of the program. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)  

CEA supports this bill as it is a measured attempt to help address the educator shortage in Colorado by expanding access to loan forgiveness.

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CEA Supported

Senate Status: Postpone Indefinitely
Final Status: Fail

Legend:Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteExcused (did not vote)
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Senate Votes:

SenatorParty - DistrictVOTE
Court, LoisD - District 31Pro-Education Vote
Jahn, CheriU - District 20Pro-Education Vote
Neville, TimR - District 16Anti-Education Vote
Smallwood, JimR - District 4Anti-Education Vote
Tate, JackR - District 27Anti-Education Vote