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Scorecard 2021

CEA is the Voice of Educators

With more than 39,000 teachers, education support professionals, college education majors, higher education faculty and retired educators, CEA is the largest union in the state pursuing exceptional public education for every student.

CEA members are the Education Experts

CEA is made up of the professionals who work most closely with students and see the real impacts of laws and policies. Because we are on the frontlines of education every day, we invite legislators to work with and listen to us when considering education-related legislation.

The 2021 Legislative Scorecard created by the Colorado Education Association ultimately is a reflection, not only of legislators votes on specific bills, but of how well legislators worked with educators to advance and champion the priorities and values set by CEA’s 39,000 members.

The Colorado Education Association set clear priorities for the 2021 legislative session based on the input of members and educators from the around the state.


INCREASE REVENUE. CEA members call on legislators to close corporate tax loopholes that rob Colorado public schools of precious resources so we can provide the resources our students and educators need:

  • Attract and retain educators by increasing salaries and decreasing class sizes
  • Provide robust educator-led professional development and diversity & equity training
  • Improve accountability by prioritizing supportive resources over punitive measures
  • Give educators the resources they need to provide students with a quality public education


JUSTICE + EQUITY. We will promote policies that ensure the best public schools for our students, educators and communities, while standing with allies to promote social justice, equity and union values.

ACCOUNTABILITY. We will focus on improving evaluation to focus on helping educators succeed by focusing on and supporting professional practice and de-emphasizing high- stakes standardized testing.

PROFESSION/WORKLOAD. We will make the case that educators need more time, autonomy, and latitude to focus on the most crucial aspects of their work – direct instruction, planning and student support.

HEALTH AND SAFETY. We will stand up for the health and safety of the students we educate, as well as their families, and our colleagues – at school and in the community.

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How It Works

Understand how we evaluate your elected officials. Add short summary of factors CEA looks at when evaluating how elected officials voted and how they’re scored.

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Champions for Education

Reserved for legislators who worked closely with the Colorado Education Association, local affiliates, and educators to address CEA’s priority issues, promote educator voice, and strive to support the public schools our students deserve.


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We appreciate the governor’s powerful investment in our students and educators, and we also still need long-term solutions to fix a broken funding structure that has taken vast opportunities away from our students over the last decade.

—Amie Baca-OehlertHigh school counselor and president of the Colorado Education Association