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Scorecard 2020

The 2020 Legislative Scorecard created by the Colorado Education Association ultimately is a reflection of how well legislators worked with educators to advance and champion the priorities and values set by CEA’s 39,000 members.

The Colorado Education Association set clear priorities for the 2020 legislative session based on the input of members and educators from the around the state. The first step was 13-city statewide tour to hear from members. This became the basis for the development of CEA’s 2020 Legislative Priorities:

The global pandemic and economic crisis created by COVID-19 meant a need to focus on health care, economic, and social needs; as well as meaningful social justice reform. The impact on the state’s budget also meant many hard decisions regarding funding had to occur. CEA issued a 2020 Emergency Legislative Agenda that called for:

In both cases, there was one clear theme. The Colorado Legislature must take meaningful, creative, and bold action to address the chronic underfunding of our public schools. Additionally, CEA has consistently called for legislators to work with the educators when constructing legislation. As professionals who work closely with students we see the real impacts of the policies enacted by bills. Legislators should have regular and on-going engagement with educators; and work to ensure that educators are the leading voice and key stakeholders in policy.

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How It Works

Understand how we evaluate your elected officials. Add short summary of factors CEA looks at when evaluating how elected officials voted and how they’re scored.

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Champions for Education

Reserved for legislators who worked closely with the Colorado Education Association, local affiliates, and educators to address CEA’s priority issues, promote educator voice, and strive to support the public schools our students deserve.


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We appreciate the governor’s powerful investment in our students and educators, and we also still need long-term solutions to fix a broken funding structure that has taken vast opportunities away from our students over the last decade.

—Amie Baca-OehlertHigh school counselor and president of the Colorado Education Association