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Colorado Education Association 2019 Scorecard

HB 19-1110-Amend: Media Literacy (House Appropriation Amendment L012)

This amendment reduced the number of committee meetings to save costs. It also shifted decision making authority by giving more autonomy and authority to the third party consultant to make recommendations on standards and best practices.

CEA does not support this amendment as it was made without stakeholder input and involvement.

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CEA Opposed

House Status: Pass
Final Status: None

Legend:Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteExcused (did not vote)

House Votes:

RepresentativeParty - DistrictVOTE
Bird, ShannonD - 35 Anti-Education Vote
Bockenfeld, RodR - 56 Pro-Education Vote
Coleman, JamesD - 7 Anti-Education Vote
Esgar, DaneyaD - 46 Anti-Education Vote
Hansen, ChrisD - 6 Anti-Education Vote
Kennedy, ChrisD - 23 Anti-Education Vote
Kraft-Tharp, TracyD - 29 Anti-Education Vote
McCluskie, JulieD - 61 Anti-Education Vote
Pelton, RodR - 65 Pro-Education Vote
Ransom, KimR - 44 Pro-Education Vote
Rich, JaniceR - 55 Pro-Education Vote