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Scorecard 2020

HB 20-1235: Colorado Department Of Education Support For Family Engagement Practices

Bill Summary:

The bill establishes the position of family-school partnership coordinator (coordinator) in the department of education. The coordinator supports local education providers with researching, designing, and implementing research-based family-school partnerships and supports educator preparation programs that provide training to educators related to implementing family-school partnerships. The coordinator is required to prepare a report every year that describes innovations that advance family engagement practices and provides information about research and resources available to local education providers and educator preparation programs that may assist in implementing family-school partnerships. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)

CEA Position Rationale: CEA supports meaningful parent-community-school engagement and has engaged with multiple locals to engage in this work, primarily through the "community schools" model. These strategies work best when the engagement is local, not done through state agencies. CEA supports the amended bill which makes clear that a district must ask for CDE support and resources--ensuring that local focused work takes priority.
Legislative Priorities: Mental Health and Socio-Emotional Health, Dismantle Inequitable and Racist Structure
Tier: 3

CEA Supported

House Status: Fail
Final Status: None

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Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken

House Votes:

Baisley, MarkRepublicanDistrict 39Anti-Education Vote
Buck, PerryRepublicanDistrict 49Anti-Education Vote
Buckner, JanetDemocratDistrict 40No vote taken
Buentello, BriDemocratDistrict 47Pro-Education Vote
Coleman, JamesDemocratDistrict 7Pro-Education Vote
Cutter, LisaDemocratDistrict 25Pro-Education Vote
Exum, TonyDemocratDistrict 17Pro-Education Vote
Kipp, CathyDemocratDistrict 52Pro-Education Vote
Larson, ColinRepublicanDistrict 22Pro-Education Vote
Liston, Larry RepublicanDistrict 16Anti-Education Vote
McLachlan, BarbaraDemocratDistrict 59Pro-Education Vote
Michaelson Jenet, DafnaDemocratDistrict 30Pro-Education Vote
Wilson, JamesRepublicanDistrict 60Pro-Education Vote