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Scorecard 2020

SB 20-015: Student Access To Transportation To Other Schools

Bill Summary:

The bill allows a school district to provide transportation, or reimburse a parent or guardian for providing transportation, to the schools of its district to a student from any other Colorado school district who is enrolled in its schools, if the student is, or has been in the preceding school year, eligible for free or reduced-cost lunch under the national school lunch program or who is a student with a disability and who is, or was in the preceding school year, receiving special education services. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)

CEA Position Rationale: CEA knows that inter-district transportation of students does not create the schools our students deserve, rather it creates a voucher like process that does not support the needs of all students. 
Legislative Priorities: Mental Health and Socio-Emotional Health, Prioritize Working Families and Union Values, Dismantle Inequitable and Racist Structures, Attract and Retain High Quality Educators and Improve Educator Workload 
Tier: 3

CEA Opposed

Senate Status: Fail
Final Status: Postpone Indefinitely

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Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken

Senate Votes:

Donovan, KerryDemocratDistrict 5Pro-Education Vote
Foote, MikeDemocratDistrict 17Pro-Education Vote
Hansen, ChrisDemocratDistrict 31Pro-Education Vote
Marble, VickiRepublicanDistrict 23Anti-Education Vote
Sonnenberg, JerryRepublicanDistrict 1Anti-Education Vote