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Scorecard 2020

SB 20-111: School Transportation Grant Program

Bill Summary:

The bill creates the school transportation grant program (grant program) in the department of education (department) to provide grant awards to public schools or school districts to increase transportation services to students. The state board of education is required to promulgate rules necessary for the implementation of the grant program. The department shall award grants subject to available appropriations. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)

CEA Position Rationale: CEA believes all students need access to the schools they deserve. The state must look to address the current under-funding and inadequate funding of our public schools before directing revenue streams to pay for new work. There are also concerns about sustainability of funding overtime. Creating a path for some students to access some schools does not achieve that end.
Legislative Priorities: Prioritize Working Families and Union Values, Dismantle Inequitable and Racist Structures, Attract and Retain High Quality Educators and Improve Educator Workload, Increase Funding and Resources to Public Education and Educators 
Tier: 3

CEA Opposed

Senate Status: Fail
Final Status: Postpone Indefinitely

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Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken

Senate Votes:

Fields, RhondaDemocratDistrict 29Pro-Education Vote
Foote, MikeDemocratDistrict 17Pro-Education Vote
Hansen, ChrisDemocratDistrict 31Pro-Education Vote
Marble, VickiRepublicanDistrict 23Anti-Education Vote
Sonnenberg, JerryRepublicanDistrict 1Anti-Education Vote