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Scorecard 2021

HB 21-1103: Media Literacy Implementation

Bill Summary:

The act requires the department of education (department) to create and maintain an online resource bank of materials and resources pertaining to media literacy. At a minimum, the resource bank must include the materials and resources recommended in the media literacy advisory committee's report. The department shall promulgate rules, if necessary, to implement a procedure through which a person may provide comment on a material or resource within the resource bank, including a comment recommending the removal or inclusion of a material or resource within the resource bank.The act requires the department, upon the request of a school district, district charter school, institute charter school, or board of cooperative services, and subject to available resources, to provide technical assistance to a school district, district charter school, institute charter school, or board of cooperative services with implementing policies and procedures, best practices, and recommendations related to media literacy.The act clarifies that a school district, district charter school, institute charter school, or board of cooperative services is not required to adopt or implement any material or resource from the resource bank into its curriculum.The act requires the state board of education to review and adopt revisions that implement media literacy within reading, writing, and civics standards.(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)  

CEA Position Rationale: CEA supports students growing to be independent, critical thinkers able to review information and identify potential bias, review sources, and seek multiple citations. 
Tier: 3

CEA Supported

House Status: Passed
Senate Status: Passed
Final Status: Passed

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Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken

House Votes:

Amabile, JudyDemocrat13
Bacon, JenniferDemocrat7
Baisley, MarkRepublican39
Benavidez, AdrienneDemocrat32
Bernett, TracyDemocrat12
Bird, ShannonDemocrat35
Bockenfeld, RodRepublican56
Boesenecker, AndrewDemocrat53
Bradfield, MaryRepublican21
Caraveo, YadiraDemocrat31
Carver, TerriRepublican20
Catlin, MarcRepublican58
Cutter, LisaDemocrat25
Daugherty, LindseyDemocrat29
Duran, MonicaDemocrat24
Esgar, DaneyaDemocrat46
Exum, TonyDemocrat17
Froelich, MegDemocrat3
Garnett, AlecDemocrat2
Geitner, TimRepublican19
Gonzales-Gutierrez, SerenaDemocrat4
Gray, MattDemocrat33
Hanks, RonRepublican60
Herod, LeslieDemocrat8
Holtorf, RichardRepublican64
Hooton, EdieDemocrat10
Jackson, DominiqueDemocrat42
Jodeh, ImanDemocrat41
Kennedy, ChrisDemocrat23
Kipp, CathyDemocrat52
Larson, ColinRepublican22
Lontine, SusanDemocrat1
Luck, StephanieRepublican47
Lynch, MikeRepublican49
McCluskie, JulieDemocrat61
McCormick, KarenDemocrat11
McKean, HughRepublican51
McLachlan, BarbaraDemocrat59
Michaelson Jenet, DafnaDemocrat30
Mullica, KyleDemocrat34
Neville, PatrickRepublican45
Ortiz, DavidDemocrat38
Pelton, RodRepublican65
Pico, AndresRepublican16
Ransom, KimRepublican44
Rich, JaniceRepublican55
Ricks, NaquettaDemocrat40
Roberts, DylanDemocrat26
Sandridge, ShaneRepublican14
Sirota, EmilyDemocrat9
Snyder, MarcDemocrat18
Soper, MattRepublican54
Sullivan, TomDemocrat37
Tipper, KerryDemocrat28
Titone, BriannaDemocrat27
Valdez, AlexDemocrat5
Valdez, DonaldDemocrat62
Van Beber, TonyaRepublican48
Van Winkle, KevinRepublican43
Weissman, MikeDemocrat36
Will, PerryRepublican57
Williams, DaveRepublican15
Woodrow, StevenDemocrat6
Woog, DanRepublican63
Young, MaryDemocrat50

Senate Votes:

Bridges, JeffDemocrat26Pro-Education Vote
Buckner, JanetDemocrat28Pro-Education Vote
Coleman, JamesDemocrat33Pro-Education Vote
Cooke, JohnRepublican13Anti-Education Vote
Coram, DonRepublican6Pro-Education Vote
Danielson, JessieDemocrat20Pro-Education Vote
Donovan, KerryDemocrat5Pro-Education Vote
Fenberg, StephenDemocrat18Pro-Education Vote
Fields, RhondaDemocrat29Pro-Education Vote
Garcia, LeroyDemocrat3Pro-Education Vote
Gardner, BobRepublican12Anti-Education Vote
Ginal, JoannDemocrat14Pro-Education Vote
Gonzales, JulieDemocrat34Pro-Education Vote
Hansen, ChrisDemocrat31Pro-Education Vote
Hisey, DennisRepublican2Anti-Education Vote
Holbert, ChrisRepublican30Anti-Education Vote
Jaquez Lewis, SonyaDemocrat17Pro-Education Vote
Kirkmeyer, BarbaraRepublican23Anti-Education Vote
Kolker, ChrisDemocrat27Pro-Education Vote
Lee, PeteDemocrat11Pro-Education Vote
Liston, LarryRepublican10Anti-Education Vote
Lundeen, PaulRepublican9Anti-Education Vote
Moreno, DominickDemocrat21Pro-Education Vote
Pettersen, BrittanyDemocrat22Pro-Education Vote
Priola, KevinRepublican25Pro-Education Vote
Rankin, BobRepublican8Anti-Education Vote
Rodriguez, RobertDemocrat32Pro-Education Vote
Scott, RayRepublican7Anti-Education Vote
Simpson, CleaveRepublican35Anti-Education Vote
Smallwood, JimRepublican4Anti-Education Vote
Sonnenberg, JerryRepublican1Anti-Education Vote
Story, TammyDemocrat16Pro-Education Vote
Winter, FaithDemocrat24Pro-Education Vote
Woodward, RobRepublican15No vote taken
Zenzinger, RachelDemocrat19Pro-Education Vote