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Scorecard 2021

SB 21-037: Student Equity Education Funding Programs

Bill Summary:

The bill requires each school district and institute charter school that is closed to in-person instruction for a total of 30 or more school days during a school year (education provider) to establish and operate a student equity education funding program (program) for the next school year, which provides money to parents of eligible students for the purchase of educational services and supplies for the eligible student. An eligible student who participates in a program is deemed to be enrolled by the education provider that operates the program, although the eligible student may not receive educational services from the education provider. The eligible student's participation in educational services purchased using money from the program is deemed to meet the compulsory education requirements.

The education provider must provide information to the public concerning the program it operates, including the manner in which a parent may apply to participate in the program. The bill establishes eligibility requirements that a student must meet to participate in a program and requirements for program applications.

For each eligible student who participates in a program, the student's parent receives an amount equal to the state share of the education provider's per pupil revenue for the applicable school year. The parent must report to the education provider how the parent spends the money received and provide receipts. The education provider is required to audit a representative sample of the parents of eligible students who participate in the education provider's program to ensure that the eligible students met the eligibility requirements and the parents used the money for authorized purposes.

(Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)

CEA Position Rationale: This is a voucher that is explicitly directing public funds to parents/families to spend with broad discretion. Vouchers strip needed funds from public schools and is not an equitable way to address student needs. 
Tier: 2

CEA Opposed

Senate Status: Postpone Indefinitely
Final Status: Postpone Indefinitely

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Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken

Senate Votes:

Bridges, JeffDemocrat26Pro-Education Vote
Buckner, JanetDemocrat28Pro-Education Vote
Kirkmeyer, BarbaraRepublican23Anti-Education Vote
Kolker, ChrisDemocrat27Pro-Education Vote
Lundeen, PaulRepublican9Anti-Education Vote
Priola, KevinRepublican25Anti-Education Vote
Story, TammyDemocrat16Pro-Education Vote
Zenzinger, RachelDemocrat19Pro-Education Vote