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Colorado Education Association 2018 Scorecard

You're viewing data from the 2017 Legislative Scorecard. Click here for the current scorecard.

HB 17-1134: Holding Colorado government accountable for creating sanctuary jurisdiction policies

The bill creates a civil remedy against the state or a political subdivision, including school districts, and against its elected officials, including school board members, for creating sanctuary policies. The bill also creates a crime of rendering assistance to an undocumented citizens, including students, that can be brought against an elected official for creating a sanctuary jurisdiction.

Legislative procedure in Colorado requires every introduced bill to have a hearing in committee. The committee members will either support the bill and vote pass it out of committee for consideration by the full body, or kill the bill and vote to “indefinitely postpone” it.

The motion in the House Judiciary Committee was to “indefinitely postponed” the HB 1134 so the pro-education vote was a “yes” vote.

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CEA Opposed

House Status: Postpone Indefinitely
Final Status: Fail

House Votes:

RepresentativeParty - DistrictVote
Benavidez, AdrienneDemocrat - 32Pro-Education Vote
Foote, MikeDemocrat - 12Pro-Education Vote
Hooton, EdieDemocrat - 10Pro-Education Vote
Humphrey, StephenRepublican - 48Anti-Education Vote
Leonard, TimothyRepublican - 25Anti-Education Vote
Lontine, SusanDemocrat - 1Pro-Education Vote
Melton, JovanDemocrat - 41Pro-Education Vote
Weissman, MikeDemocrat - 36Pro-Education Vote
Williams, DaveRepublican - 15Anti-Education Vote
Legend:Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteExcused (did not vote)