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Colorado Education Association 2017 Scorecard

Bills Tracked in 2017

 Bill No.NameHouse StatusSenate StatusFinal Status
CEA SupportedHB 17-1001Employee Leave Attend Child's Academic ActivitiesPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1003Strategic Plan To Address Teacher ShortagesPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA SupportedHB 17-1038Prohibit Corporal Punishment of ChildrenPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA OpposedHB 17-1089Parent Choice in Low-performing School DistrictsPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA OpposedHB 17-1134Holding Colorado government accountable for creating sanctuary jurisdiction policiesPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1176PERA Public Employees' Retirement Association Retirees Employed By Rural School DistrictsPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA SupportedHB 17-1210School Discipline for Preschool Through 2nd GradePassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1211Educators Professional Development Discipline StrategiesPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA SupportedHB 17-1230Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government OverreachPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1287Achieving A Vision For Education In ColoradoPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-039Education Income Tax Credits for Nonpublic SchoolsPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-055Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union ParticipationPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-061Distribution of Additional Operational Funding to Charter SchoolsPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA SupportedSB 17-067Educator Effectiveness 50% Student Academic GrowthPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedSB 17-103Early Learning Strategies In Education AccountabilityPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA OpposedSB 17-113Cap Employer Contribution Rates for PERA employersPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-158Modify Composition of PERA Board of TrusteesPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-200Reward Excellence With Annual Redirected DollarsPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA SupportedSB 17-267Sustainability of Rural ColoradoPassPassSigned by Governor

Legend:CEA Supported BillCEA Opposed Bill