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Colorado Education Association 2019 Scorecard

You're viewing data from the 2017 Legislative Scorecard. Click here for the current scorecard.

Bills Tracked in 2017

 Bill No.NameHouse StatusSenate StatusFinal Status
CEA SupportedHB 17-1001Employee Leave Attend Child's Academic ActivitiesPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1003Strategic Plan To Address Teacher ShortagesPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA SupportedHB 17-1038Prohibit Corporal Punishment of ChildrenPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA OpposedHB 17-1089Parent Choice in Low-performing School DistrictsPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA OpposedHB 17-1134Holding Colorado government accountable for creating sanctuary jurisdiction policiesPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1176PERA Public Employees' Retirement Association Retirees Employed By Rural School DistrictsPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA SupportedHB 17-1210School Discipline for Preschool Through 2nd GradePassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1211Educators Professional Development Discipline StrategiesPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA SupportedHB 17-1230Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government OverreachPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedHB 17-1287Achieving A Vision For Education In ColoradoPassPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-039Education Income Tax Credits for Nonpublic SchoolsPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-055Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union ParticipationPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-061Distribution of Additional Operational Funding to Charter SchoolsPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA SupportedSB 17-067Educator Effectiveness 50% Student Academic GrowthPostpone IndefinitelyFail
CEA SupportedSB 17-103Early Learning Strategies In Education AccountabilityPassPassSigned by Governor
CEA OpposedSB 17-113Cap Employer Contribution Rates for PERA employersPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-158Modify Composition of PERA Board of TrusteesPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA OpposedSB 17-200Reward Excellence With Annual Redirected DollarsPostpone IndefinitelyPassFail
CEA SupportedSB 17-267Sustainability of Rural ColoradoPassPassSigned by Governor

Legend:CEA Supported BillCEA Opposed Bill