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Scorecard 2020

HB 20-1144: Parent's Bill Of Rights

Bill Summary:

The bill establishes a parent's bill of rights that sets forth specific parental rights related to directing the upbringing, education, and health care of a minor child. (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)

CEA Position Rationale: Parents have the right to choose alternatives to their neighborhood public school, to home school, or to attend a private school. This bill creates unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape while reducing the ability of schools and districts to meet need of all students.
Legislative Priorities: Prioritize Working Families and Union Values, Dismantle Inequitable and Racist Structures
Tier: 3

CEA Opposed

Final Status: None

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Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken

House Votes:

Duran, MonicaDemocratDistrict 24Pro-Education Vote
Humphrey, StephenRepublicanDistrict 48Anti-Education Vote
Jaquez Lewis, SonyaDemocratDistrict 12Pro-Education Vote
Kennedy, ChrisDemocratDistrict 23Pro-Education Vote
Lontine, SusanDemocratDistrict 1Pro-Education Vote
Rich, JaniceRepublicanDistrict 55Anti-Education Vote
Sirota, EmilyDemocratDistrict 9Pro-Education Vote
Williams, DaveRepublicanDistrict 15Anti-Education Vote
Woodrow, StevenDemocratDistrict 15Pro-Education Vote