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Scorecard 2020

Dave Williams

Dave Williams


Republican, House District 15


2020 Score 26%
Lifetime Score 12%
2019 Score 14% 2018 Score 9%
How it works

2020 Score determined by: Bill Votes, Legislative Leadership and Engagement with Educators, and Collective Progress Towards Fully Funding Public Schools in Colorado.

2020 Voting Record

Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken
Bill NumberBill NameVote
HB 20-1005Enhance Safe2tellPro-Education Vote
HB 20-1007Diverse Kindergarten Through 12th Grade Educator Workforce ReportAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1032Timing K-12 Education Standards ReviewPro-Education Vote
HB 20-1040Concealed Handguns On School GroundsAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1048Race Trait Hairstyle Anti-discrimination ProtectAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1062Colorado Student Free Expression LawPro-Education Vote
HB 20-1111Parent Authority To Require Educational ReformsAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1114Protect Minors From Mutilation And SterilizationAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1127Extend Public Employees' Retirement Association Retiree Work After Retirement LimitAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1135Replace High School Social Studies AssessmentPro-Education Vote
HB 20-1144Parent's Bill Of RightsAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-114916-year-olds Voting In School District ElectionsAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1153Colorado Partnership For Quality Jobs And Services ActAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1169Prohibit Discrimination Labor Union ParticipationAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1186Teachers' Rights Opt-in Organization MembershipAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1241Issue Professional License Lawful United States PresenceAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1269Create School Safety Account And Related Tax CreditsAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1301Electronic Attendance In School District Board MeetingPro-Education Vote
HB 20-1312Behavioral Health Training Requirements Educator License Anti-Education Vote
HB 20-1336Holocaust And Genocide Studies In Public SchoolsPro-Education Vote
HB 20-1407College Admission Use Of National Test ScorePro-Education Vote
HB 20-1409CDPHE Inspections Of Penal InstitutionsAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1415Whistleblower Protection Public Health EmergenciesAnti-Education Vote
HB 20-1420Adjust Tax Expenditures For State Education FundAnti-Education Vote
SB 20-014Excused Absences In Public Schools For Behavioral HealthPro-Education Vote
SB 20-081School Information For Apprenticeship DirectoryPro-Education Vote
SB 20-083Prohibit Courthouse Civil ArrestAnti-Education Vote
SB 20-095Middle School Students Concurrent Enrollment InformationPro-Education Vote
SB 20-175Assessment Score On A Student's TranscriptPro-Education Vote
SB 20-205Sick Leave For EmployeesAnti-Education Vote
SB 20-207Unemployment InsuranceAnti-Education Vote
SB 20-211Limitations On Extraordinary Collection ActionsAnti-Education Vote
SB 20-217Enhance Law Enforcement IntegrityAnti-Education Vote
SCR 20-001Repeal Property Tax Assessment RatesAnti-Education Vote