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HB 20-1153: Colorado Partnership For Quality Jobs And Services Act

Bill Summary:

The bill creates the "Colorado Partnership for Quality Jobs and Services Act" to facilitate the creation of formal labor-management partnership agreements between state employees in the state personnel system and the executive branch of state government. The bill specifies that certain employees in the state personnel system, due to the nature and responsibilities of their jobs, are not able to participate in partnership agreements. State employees who are allowed to participate in partnership agreements are designated covered employees. Partnership units : The bill specifies that there is one partnership unit in the state that consists of all covered employees. Any partnership units established pursuant to the existing Colorado executive order that authorizes partnership agreements (executive order) will be merged into the single partnership unit created in the bill. Covered employees in a partnership unit that was created by the executive order and that are represented by an employee organization that the partnership unit chose to exclusively represent it (certified employee organization), will continue to be represented by the existing certified employee organization. Certified employee organizations : An employee organization that wants to represent an unrepresented partnership unit may file a petition with the division of labor standards and statistics (division) in the department of labor and employment requesting that it hold an election to determine whether covered employees want to be represented by an employee organization (representation election). An employee organization requesting a representation election is required to submit a petition to the division signed by at least 30% of the covered employees in the partnership unit. The division is required to certify as the certified employee organization, the employee organization that receives the majority of votes cast by the covered employees. The bill specifies circumstances under which the division is not allowed to hold a representation election. The bill also specifies that a covered employee or an employee organization may initiate a process to decertify a certified employee organization for a partnership unit. Rights of covered employees and certified employee organizations : A covered employee has the right to work with an employee organization and communicate with other covered employees to form a partnership agreement or to discuss other work-related issues. A covered employee has the right to refrain from any activities in connection with employee organizations and the partnership process. A covered employee may also opt not to have the state provide certain personal information to a certified employee organization. Certified employee organizations have the right to reasonable access to covered employees at work, through e-mail, and through other forms of communication. Duties of the certified employee organization : A certified employee organization is required to represent the interests of all covered employees, regardless of membership in the employee organization, in the negotiation of a partnership agreement. A certified employee organization is not required to represent covered employees in certain personnel actions. In addition, a certified employee organization is prohibited from threatening, facilitating, supporting, or causing a strike, work stoppage, work slowdown, group sickout, or any other action that would disrupt the daily functioning of the state or any of its agencies or departments. An employee who engages in such activities may be subject to disciplinary action. Executive and management rights : The bill specifies that nothing contained in the employee partnership process impairs the ability of the state to determine, carry out, and administer specified existing duties and rights of the state. Duties of the state : The bill specifies that the state is required to: Make payroll deductions for membership dues and other payments that covered employees authorize to be made to the certified employee organization; Provide specified information about every covered employee to a certified employee organization on a monthly basis; Allow a certified employee organization to meet with a newly hired covered employee; Allow a certified employee organization to attend orientations for new covered employees; After the state and the certified employee organization reach a partnership agreement, submit a request to the general assembly for sufficient appropriations to implement terms of the partnership agreement requiring the expenditure of money; and Engage in good faith in all aspects of the partnership process. The bill specifies that not engaging in such duties constitutes an unfair labor practice that can be subject to review by the division. Partnership agreements : A certified employee organization and the state are required to discuss and cooperatively draft mutually agreed upon written partnership agreements, which are binding on the state, the certified employee organization, and covered employees. The parties are required to bargain over wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment. All other subjects are permissive and may be addressed by mutual agreement. A partnership agreement is required to provide a grievance procedure to resolve disputes over the interpretation, application, and enforcement of any provision of the partnership agreement. Meetings held to negotiate a partnership agreement and grievance and arbitration proceedings are not open meetings as defined in law. In addition, records prepared or exchanged prior to submission of a final partnership agreement are not subject to the "Colorado Open Records Act". Dispute resolution : If disputes arise during the formation of a partnership agreement, the certified employee organization and the state are required to engage in the dispute resolution process established by the bill or in a mutually agreed upon alternate procedure. The bill specifies how mediators will be selected. If the parties do not reach an agreement on outstanding issues within 30 days of commencing mediation, the mediator is required to issue a recommendation on all of the outstanding issues. Either party may make the mediator's recommendation public. Any controversy concerning unfair labor practices of the state or a certified employee organization may be submitted to the division for review. Judicial review : The state or the certified employee organization may seek judicial review of the division's decisions or orders on classification of covered employees, representation or decertification petitions, division decisions on unfair labor practice charges, or rules or regulations issued by the division. or an arbitrator's decision. The bill makes the following changes to the state personnel system: Eliminates the account dedicated to each department in the state employee reserve fund and requires that the money in the fund be used to provide merit pay to employees in a manner consistent with current law; Repeals the limit on the number of senior executive service employees in the state; and When considering a disciplinary action against an employee in the state personnel system for engaging in or threatening violent behavior against another person while on duty, requires the appointing authority to give predominant weight to the safety of the other person over the interests of the employee. If the appointing authority finds that the employee has engaged in or threatened violent behavior, the appointing authority is authorized to take disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the appointing authority. In addition, the bill modifies the "Colorado Open Records Act" to specify that records created in compliance with the requirements of a partnership agreement and documents created in connection with the dispute resolution process for a partnership agreement are not public records. The bill also makes appropriations to the governor's office and various executive branch agencies for the 2020-21 state fiscal year for the implementation of the bill. (Note: Italicized words indicate new material added to the original summary; dashes through words indicate deletions from the original summary.) (Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)

CEA Position Rationale: CEA supports the rights of all workers. Pathways that improve ability to unionize, to have meaningful collective bargaining rights, and fair workplace protections. 
Legislative Priorities: Prioritize Working Families and Union Values
Tier: 3

CEA Supported

House Status: Pass
Senate Status: Pass
Final Status: Pass

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House Votes:

Arndt, JeniDemocratDistrict 53Pro-Education Vote
Baisley, MarkRepublicanDistrict 39Anti-Education Vote
Becker, KCDemocratDistrict 13Pro-Education Vote
Benavidez, AdrienneDemocratDistrict 32Pro-Education Vote
Bird, ShannonDemocratDistrict 35Pro-Education Vote
Bockenfeld, RodRepublicanDistrict 56No vote taken
Buck, PerryRepublicanDistrict 49Anti-Education Vote
Buckner, JanetDemocratDistrict 40Pro-Education Vote
Buentello, BriDemocratDistrict 47Pro-Education Vote
Caraveo, YadiraDemocratDistrict 31Pro-Education Vote
Carver, TerriRepublicanDistrict 20Anti-Education Vote
Catlin, MarcRepublicanDistrict 58Anti-Education Vote
Champion, RichardRepublicanDistrict 38Anti-Education Vote
Coleman, JamesDemocratDistrict 7Pro-Education Vote
Cutter, LisaDemocratDistrict 25Pro-Education Vote
Duran, MonicaDemocratDistrict 24Pro-Education Vote
Esgar, DaneyaDemocratDistrict 46Pro-Education Vote
Exum, TonyDemocratDistrict 17Pro-Education Vote
Froelich, MegDemocratDistrict 3Pro-Education Vote
Garnett, AlecDemocratDistrict 2Pro-Education Vote
Geitner, TimRepublicanDistrict 19Anti-Education Vote
Gonzales-Gutierrez, SerenaDemocratDistrict 4Pro-Education Vote
Gray, MattDemocratDistrict 33Pro-Education Vote
Herod, LeslieDemocratDistrict 8Pro-Education Vote
Holtorf, RichardRepublicanDistrict 64Anti-Education Vote
Hooton, EdieDemocratDistrict 10Pro-Education Vote
Humphrey, StephenRepublicanDistrict 48Anti-Education Vote
Jackson, DominiqueDemocratDistrict 42Pro-Education Vote
Jaquez Lewis, SonyaDemocratDistrict 12Pro-Education Vote
Kennedy, ChrisDemocratDistrict 23Pro-Education Vote
Kipp, CathyDemocratDistrict 52Pro-Education Vote
Kraft-Tharp, TracyDemocratDistrict 29Pro-Education Vote
Landgraf, LoisRepublicanDistrict 21Anti-Education Vote
Larson, ColinRepublicanDistrict 22Anti-Education Vote
Liston, Larry RepublicanDistrict 16Anti-Education Vote
Lontine, SusanDemocratDistrict 1Pro-Education Vote
McCluskie, JulieDemocratDistrict 61Pro-Education Vote
McKean, HughRepublicanDistrict 51Anti-Education Vote
McLachlan, BarbaraDemocratDistrict 59Pro-Education Vote
Melton, JovanDemocratDistrict 41Pro-Education Vote
Michaelson Jenet, DafnaDemocratDistrict 30Pro-Education Vote
Mullica, KyleDemocratDistrict 34Pro-Education Vote
Neville, PatrickRepublicanDistrict 45Anti-Education Vote
Pelton, RodRepublicanDistrict 65Anti-Education Vote
Ransom, KimRepublicanDistrict 44Anti-Education Vote
Rich, JaniceRepublicanDistrict 55Anti-Education Vote
Roberts, DylanDemocratDistrict 26Pro-Education Vote
Saine, LoriRepublicanDistrict 63Anti-Education Vote
Sandridge, ShaneRepublicanDistrict 14Anti-Education Vote
Singer, JonathanDemocratDistrict 11Pro-Education Vote
Sirota, EmilyDemocratDistrict 9Pro-Education Vote
Snyder, MarcDemocratDistrict 18Pro-Education Vote
Soper, MattRepublicanDistrict 54Anti-Education Vote
Sullivan, TomDemocratDistrict 37Pro-Education Vote
Tipper, KerryDemocratDistrict 28Pro-Education Vote
Titone, BriannaDemocratDistrict 27Pro-Education Vote
Valdez, AlexDemocratDistrict 5Pro-Education Vote
Valdez, DonaldDemocratDistrict 62Pro-Education Vote
Van Winkle, KevinRepublicanDistrict 43Anti-Education Vote
Weissman, MikeDemocratDistrict 36Pro-Education Vote
Will, PerryRepublicanDistrict 57Anti-Education Vote
Williams, DaveRepublicanDistrict 15Anti-Education Vote
Wilson, JamesRepublicanDistrict 60Pro-Education Vote
Woodrow, StevenDemocratDistrict 15Pro-Education Vote
Young, MaryDemocratDistrict 50Pro-Education Vote

Senate Votes:

Bridges, JeffDemocratDistrict 26Pro-Education Vote
Cooke, JohnRepublicanDistrict 13Anti-Education Vote
Coram, DonRepublicanDistrict 6Anti-Education Vote
Crowder, Larry RepublicanDistrict 35Anti-Education Vote
Danielson, JessieDemocratDistrict 20Pro-Education Vote
Donovan, KerryDemocratDistrict 5Pro-Education Vote
Fenberg, StephenDemocratDistrict 18Pro-Education Vote
Fields, RhondaDemocratDistrict 29Pro-Education Vote
Foote, MikeDemocratDistrict 17Pro-Education Vote
Garcia, LeroyDemocratDistrict 3Pro-Education Vote
Gardner, BobRepublicanDistrict 12Anti-Education Vote
Ginal, JoannDemocratDistrict 14Pro-Education Vote
Gonzales, JulieDemocratDistrict 34Pro-Education Vote
Hansen, ChrisDemocratDistrict 31Pro-Education Vote
Hill, OwenRepublicanDistrict 10No vote taken
Hisey, DennisRepublicanDistrict 2Anti-Education Vote
Holbert, ChrisRepublicanDistrict 30Anti-Education Vote
Lee, PeteDemocratDistrict 11Pro-Education Vote
Lundeen, PaulRepublicanDistrict 9Anti-Education Vote
Marble, VickiRepublicanDistrict 23Anti-Education Vote
Moreno, DominickDemocratDistrict 21Pro-Education Vote
Pettersen, BrittanyDemocratDistrict 22Pro-Education Vote
Priola, KevinRepublicanDistrict 25Anti-Education Vote
Rankin, BobRepublicanDistrict 8Anti-Education Vote
Rodriguez, RobertDemocratDistrict 32Pro-Education Vote
Scott, RayRepublicanDistrict 7Anti-Education Vote
Smallwood, JimRepublicanDistrict 4Anti-Education Vote
Sonnenberg, JerryRepublicanDistrict 1Pro-Education Vote
Story, TammyDemocratDistrict 16Pro-Education Vote
Tate, JackRepublicanDistrict 27Anti-Education Vote
Todd, NancyDemocratDistrict 28Pro-Education Vote
Williams, AngelaDemocratDistrict 33Pro-Education Vote
Winter, FaithDemocratDistrict 24Pro-Education Vote
Woodward, RobRepublicanDistrict 15Pro-Education Vote
Zenzinger, RachelDemocratDistrict 19Pro-Education Vote