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Scorecard 2021

Chris Holbert

Chris Holbert


Republican, Senate District 30


2021 Grade D
Lifetime Grade F
2020 GradeF2019 Grade F 2018 Grade F 2017 Grade F
How it works

2021 Grade determined by: Bill Votes, Legislative Leadership and Engagement with Educators, and Collective Progress Towards Fully Funding Public Schools in Colorado.

2021 Voting Record

Pro-Education VoteAnti-Education VoteNo vote taken
Bill NameVote
HB 21-1087Teaching And Learning Conditions SurveyAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1104Professional Educator Licensure Renewal PeriodPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1161Suspend Statewide Assessments For Select GradesPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1294K-12 Education Accountability Systems Performance AuditAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-172Educator Pay Raise Fund (floor vote)Anti-Education Vote
HB 21-1067College Admission Use Of National Test ScoreAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1129Extend Deadline For Training To Teach ReadingAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1164Total Program Mill Levy Tax CreditAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-185Supporting Educator Workforce In ColoradoPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1010Diverse K-12 Educator Workforce ReportAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1103Media Literacy ImplementationAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1194Immigration Legal Defense FundAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1234Supplemental Education High-impact Tutoring ProgramsPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1258Rapid Mental Health Response For Colorado YouthPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1311Income TaxAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1312Insurance Premium Property Sales Severance TaxAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1317Regulating Marijuana ConcentratesPro-Education Vote
SB 21-013Reversing COVID-related Learning LossPro-Education Vote
SB 21-053Adjustments To School Funding Fiscal Year 2020-21Pro-Education Vote
SB 21-056Expand Cannabis-based Medicine At SchoolsPro-Education Vote
SB 21-087Agricultural Workers' RightsAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-151Literacy Curriculum TransparencyPro-Education Vote
SB 21-169Restrict Insurers' Use Of External Consumer DataAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-197Workers' Compensation PhysicianAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1050Workers' CompensationPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1055Compensation For School District Board MembersAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1068Insurance Coverage Mental Health Wellness ExamPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1108Gender Identity Expression Anti-discriminationAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1114School District Provision Of Internet ServiceAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1117Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing UnitsAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1200Revise Student Financial Literacy StandardsPro-Education Vote
HB 21-1207Overpayment Of Workers' Compensation BenefitsAnti-Education Vote
HB 21-1321Voter Transparency In Ballot MeasuresAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-057Private Lenders Of Student Loans Acts And PracticesAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-077Remove Lawful Presence Verification CredentialingAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-116Prohibit American Indian MascotsAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-131Protect Personal Identifying Information Kept By StateAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-173Rights In Residential Lease AgreementsAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-202Public School Air Quality Improvement GrantsPro-Education Vote
SB 21-250Elections And VotingAnti-Education Vote
SB 21-255Free Menstrual Hygiene Products To StudentsAnti-Education Vote